My mom says I'm just about the sweetest dog that ever was, so we started this blog to show everyone how great pit bulls really are. This is the story of my life, from adoption to adventures and everything in between.
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My first brunch. Now I get what all the fuss is about

Snug as a bug in a rug (or a bully in a bed)

New buddy, Lucy. I met her for a weekend in East Hampton. She’s a rescue greyhound and I think she’s basically the coolest girl ever. My mom calls her a cougar, but she’s a dog!

Give pits a chance!

Give pits a chance!

eBook club // keeping my dad company

Mom wasn’t sure how I made this mess, but it was really pretty easy.

Is this what heaven is?

Best day of my entire life. My mom took me down to the beach at sunrise so I could see the water for the first time and run around.

Love this toy, are you getting this mom??
Are you still getting it??
Oh no… The toy fell, what now?!

Visits from my Uncle Bobby are one of my favorite things because he gives the best belly rubs. He pretty much is required to scratch me at all times. And how could he possibly resist?

This is my buddy Kachacha. He’s the boss, but I run down the hall to his apartment every chance I get.